Gold Medal’s Paper Retriever Program, Make Every Page Count!


The Gold Medal Environmental Paper Retriever program offers an exciting paper recycling program where communities can encourage their residents to help their environment. Organizations can become Paper Retriever partners with Gold Medal Environmental and have Gold Medal Environmental provide collection bins for the community. In addition, each organization can benefit by getting paid on the tonnage collected. The organization can use the money collected to promote community good works or for whatever purpose they desire. It is truly a win/win for the environment and the people who live in the environment. Paper collected through the Gold Medal Environmental Paper Retriever program is directed to a processing center where it is sorted and then routed to de-inking facilities and mills where it is used to manufacture recycled content newsprint. The paper you read in two weeks just might be made from the paper you recycle today!

Your organization will be seen as a leader in environmental stewardship. Everyone in all communities are encouraged to recycle paper products through this innovative program. Local involvement can help save landfill space, clean up the environment, and earn money for the sponsoring community. To become a sponsoring community costs nothing. Gold Medal Environmental empties the bins when they become full and calculates the tonnage collected for payouts to the sponsoring organizations.

Community Residents are encouraged to deposit the following paper products in the bins:

  • office and school paper
  • newspaper
  • construction paper
  • magazines and catalogs
  • shredded paper (contained in plastic bags)
  • discarded mail
  • notebooks
  • writing tablets

Items that should NOT be put into the bins include phone books, books, plastic, glass, metal, and trash.

No Cost Fundraising. Earn Money for Filling your Gold Medal Paper Retriever Bins!


The Paper Retriever Program offers cash incentives to your organization based on the tonnage collected. In addition, Gold Medal Environmental has contests that pay out additional cash prizes! The Paper Retriever Program is a great fundraiser for your organization!

So how much can you earn?

  • 0 – 3.99 tons per month – $5 per ton


For example: A bin holds between 1 1⁄2 to a maximum of 2 tons of paper. If you collect 4 tons in a month, you will earn $20. For each ton collected you are rebated $5.00 per ton.  Checks are mailed when your account reaches a total rebate amount of $25 or more.


Frequently Asked Questions


girl recycling newspapersQ: Does the program cost anything?
A: NO. It is a customer rebate based program.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?
A: NO. We only have a completed bin placement form which enables us to coordinate a bin location and the customer location in which rebates will be issued. You may choose to discontinue your participation in the program at any time.

Q: What is the size of the bin and what can be placed in the bin?
A: Our bins are 7 cubic yards with dimensions of 6x6x6. (A parking spot is 8 feet wide.) The only acceptable items are:

Non-laminated Paper, Phone Directories, Newspapers, Magazines, Shopping Catalogs, Junk Mail, Envelopes, Calendars, Cards and clean Cardboard.


Q: Can bins be placed behind fenced or gated communities?
A: No, the Paper Retriever program is a community driven program. Our most successful participants have bins placed in high visibility locations within neighboring communities for maximum participation.

Q: When will the bin(s) be placed?
A: Within a few weeks.

Q: What happens if trash is put in the bin(s)?
A: There is less than 1% trash collected in our bins because we ask for a visible location away from “trash dumpsters.” In the unlikely event this becomes an issue, we will make you aware of the situation and work with you to resolve it.

Q: How much money can we earn with Paper Retriever?
A: It’s unlimited. The more paper your location collects, the more money you will earn. The truck has a scale and your individual bin(s) are weighed when we empty them. The weight is recorded and credited to your account on a monthly basis.

Q: What is the payment scale per month?

  • 0 – 3.99 tons per month – $5 per ton

Example: A bin holds between 1 1⁄2 to a maximum of 2 tons of paper. If you collect 4 tons in a month, you will earn $20. For each ton collected you are rebated $5.00 per ton.  Checks are mailed when your account reaches a total rebate amount of $25 or more.

Q: How often are the bins emptied?
A: Collections are based on a 1-2 times per month pickup schedule. Should your bin fill up (just under the side windows) prior to your scheduled pick-up, just contact our office via phone or email to schedule an extra pickup. If you are consistently filling up your bin(s) prior to your scheduled pickup, we will provide an additional bin at no charge.