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Gold Medal Cloud

Smart Digesters help MAP out the way to change wasteful behavior…


Precisely quantify the volume and type processed by each Digester.


Provide real-time data analytics to modify supply chain management.


When you know what you are throwing out you can become smarter about what you are ordering to prevent unnecessary waste. That Saves Money!


Device Montage.

Powerful and smart technology

Used to increase efficiency and change wasteful behavior.

Real-time alerts for improved support

Instant notifications over email and SMS enable proactive support through smarter performance monitoring and visibility of equipment.


Engage employees and set environmental goals to align with corporate initiatives. Inspire action and reward participation.

Open data sharing

Easily share live data on your web site, intranet, or digital signage to grow recycling participation and create long-lasting changes in recycling behavior.


Precise measurement and accurate reporting supports regulatory, environmental and corporate requirements

BioHiTech Cirrus® and BioHiTech Alto™

Free mobile apps available to monitor and analyze waste patterns in order to modify business processes.