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Paper Retriever

Paper Retriever

The Paper Retriever program is a free revenue-generating service for schools, offices, churches and other community-based organizations designed to increase recycling rates. The program pays you based on volume and market benefiting both the environment and your organization. For many participants the Paper Retriever program is an effective fundraising strategy. To maximize revenue, your school and the local community must be fully aware of the program and its benefits. The more you recycle, the more you will earn.

How Paper Retriever Program Works

Request a Bin

Host a Paper Retriever collection bin on your property

Promote it

Promote the Paper Retriever collection program to your friends, neighbors and surrounding community

Collect Revenue

Receive consistent revenue based on your collected volume

Do Your Part

Feel great about supporting your community and supporting a clean, sustainable environment

Paper Retriever Partner You Can Trust

Gold Medal Recycling is a global leader in the recycling of paper and is one of the world's largest independent newspaper and magazine recyclers. Paper placed in the Paper Retriever bin is directly recycled back into newsprint within a few weeks of it being collected. Acceptable materials include newspapers, magazines, catalogs, books, office paper, school paper, and mail with no need to sort.

Make the Most of Your Program

A Paper Retriever bin will hold between 1,000 to 2,000 pounds of paper. Less if the paper is simply loose school paper or shredded paper, more if the contents are the newspapers, catalogs and magazines that you need to encourage the local community to deposit. Follow these steps to make the most of your Paper Retriever program.

Paper Retriever Bin Location

Your paper retriever container needs to be placed in a highly visible and easily accessible location for use by students' parents and the community.

Paper Retriever Bins & Boxes

Place recycling bins and boxes in your classrooms and offices to ensure they are readily accessible. This ensures that ALL paper will be recycled.

Present Your Paper Retriever Program

Present your program at meetings and tell others in your community, school, workplace, etc. Community participation is essential for a successful program. Use your Parent — Teacher meetings to make sure that everyone is aware of your recycling program.

Use School Signage

Promote your efforts on the school marquee. This is an effective way to communicate to the community. Community participation is critical to make your program successful.

Ready to Get Started?

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What Goes in the Paper Retriever Bin?

Yes, Please…..

Newspapers and Inserts — New newsprint can be made from 100% recycled paper. No virgin fiber has to be added when using this type of process.

Magazines and Catalogs — Our Retriever program is happy to take magazines and catalogs, all slick paper. We can use all of this high quality, high fiber paper with the exception of any paper coated in wax.

Office and School Paper — These types of paper are highly recyclable. Because of the proliferation of paper crated by offices and schools, please use the Retriever bin to recycle all that you can. We are able to accept window envelopes, paperback books, workbooks and staples without a problem. Shredded paper is acceptable too, but please bag the shreds before putting them into the Retriever bin. However, please do not recycle colored paper, wrapping or tissue paper, carbon paper or sticky notes.

Mail — Most direct mail is printed on high quality recyclable paper. Please recycle the mail that you feel comfortable putting into our recycling bin.

Food Boxes, Fiberboard or Chipboard — Cereal boxes, soda boxes and other paper food containers can also be recycled in the Retriever bin.

Phone Books — We will take them too.

No, Thanks…..

No Cardboard — We do not accept cardboard in any of our Retriever bins. However, cardboard is a valuable recycling commodity and should be recycled. Please research cardboard recycling options in your area.

No Textbooks or Hard Cover Books— We do not accept these items.